Carpet Repair

We are specialized in: Restoration of new and old carpets, maintaining their originality, including a professional and competent revamp of kilims, soumaks and upholsteries (Gobelins, Aubusson). Old stains on the carpet and discolorations will be carefully removed for the fibers.

We are one of the most competent contact points in terms of carpet and floor cleaning. More than 20 years of specialized experience in carpet cleaning guaranteeing long-term values and the beauty of your property. Our professionals have the ancestral wisdom to make each carpet shine in its former splendor.

Through our professional cleaning, we ensure a clean and well maintained environment in your home. Whether a large hotel or business your orders will be implemented quickly and professionally.

Each carpet is different. To meet the different materials and types of production, we rely on manual work in combination with modern machines.

Carpet Installation

Carpet installation should be planned, estimated and coordinated appropriately. The installation plan must include precise measurements, placement of seams and detailed areas that require special considerations, such as unusual forms of rooms, cabinets, borders, etc.

By taking all these measures we ensure that our ‘Best Choice Carpet Care’ technicians work as the experts they are at carpet installation.

Car Interior

Did you know that you should consider replacing your automotive carpet if it’s 10 years old or older? When it comes to get rid of that old and worn floor, trust Best Choice Carpet Care. Changing the automotive mat is what we do.

Carpet worn, torn and frayed? Don't wait for your passengers to complain about the nasty sodas and food stains on your carpet. Solve this unsightly cabin problem with a good carpet. Replacing the original carpet of your vehicle with high quality materials, these carpet replacements will surely helps you restoring the original appearance of your cabin. Call us now and get free estimates!

Other services

■ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
■ Oriental Area and Rugs
■ Carpet stretching and Repair
■ Water Damage
■ Pet Stain Removal
■ Tile Grout and Cleaning